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Descendents' Communication Center



Two of the major goals of Kefalonian Roots are to assist the family historian in finding others who are researching the same surname, and to provide a specific place where researchers can display and request genealogical information.  

To accomplish these goals, Kefalonian Roots provides the following centers for the exchanging of genealogical information:

  • Bulletin Board: the family historian states the surname being researched, the information being sought and his e-mail address.
  • Immigrant Ancestor Registry: a list of immigrants and very specific and valuable information of their family and residence in Kefalonia, and their arrival and residence in their “new country”.
  • Family Trees: for the displaying of the surname, the family tree, no matter the size, and the e-mail address of the presenter.

Assistance For E-Mailing Information to Kefalonian Roots for the Communication Center.

Kefalonian Roots sincerely hopes that this Communication Center will allow for easy and significant communication among descendents of Kefalonians. If you know of a topic that would aid family historians in requesting and displaying genealogical information, please send your ideas to  stating on the Subject Line: Communication Center-Add Topic; in the Message Area: the idea, stated concisely, and in the Signature: your name and e-mail address. Credit is always given, in the Credits section, to those who contribute ideas to Kefalonian Roots.


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