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Due to the earthquakes occurring on the peninsula of Paliki, western peninsula of Kefalonia - Lixouri being the capital and location of the the office of Kefalonian Roots, the site will not be working until further notice; definitely not until September, 2014. 

Kefalonian Roots regrets this inconvenience, but with the quakes and after shocks continuing, research cannot be carried out at this time.   We greatly thank you for your kind understanding.  We will be available to help everyone again as soon as possible.

Sincerely yours,

Elaine Boldrick Vallianou

Manager and Director of  Research


Kefalonian Roots  The Genealogy Site of Kefalonia 

 Invites you to a Kefalonian  Reunion Trip and Tour from June 26th to July 3, 2012 

 in Magnificent Kefalonia, Greece


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        for the Daily Program, accommodations, flights and signing up for the Reunion

  Kefalonian Roots  

 for photos of the life style of our ancestors


      All descendents of Kefalonians are invited to reunite with their roots on the magnificently beautiful Ionian island of Kefalonia, Greece .The purpose of the reunion is to allow descendants of Kefalonians to unite with the soul of their ancestors by living in the homeland and experiencing the daily activities, cuisine and entertainment of their forefathers. This invitation is open to everyone who wishes to explore and enjoy beautiful Kefalonia. Tours, with expert guides, will provide daily excursions to all areas of the island stressing the significant historical, cultural, geographical, architectural and archeological sites. Two evenings will be dedicated to ancestral entertainment, Riganada Night, with simple tasty food and wine, on the beach aglow with the silvery light of the full moon, and Greek Night, alive with Kefalonian contades, traditional songs sung by a small group of men, Greek dancing and delicious Kefalonian food. Free days will be provided for enjoying the beautiful beaches, scenery, horseback riding, walking, snorkeling, scuba diving, water sports, strolling in the quaint shops, researching in the archives, or visiting and exploring the ancestral village. Guests will be invited to join “Evenings in the Town Square” for a walk through the town visiting the historical landmarks, sharing a coffee in the romantic square and relaxing in the cool evening breeze, as Kefalonians have done for generations.  Local consultants will be available to answer any questions. Evenings will be provided for questions and answers, and for discussions on the topics of history, government, religion, the influence of the Venetians on the Kefalonian culture and any topics, suggested by our guests.

      We invite you to visit our web site for information on the daily program, accommodations, flights and how to join this magnificent reunion; Facebook / Kefalonian Reunion to view pictures of the scenery of Kefalonia and activities of our forefathers; and the site Kefalonian Roots to view serial photographs showing the daily chores, traditions and life style of our ancestors.   See you this summer in Kefalonia! 

  When viewing the site Kefalonian Roots, in order to view the serial photos of our Ancestor's Activities - on the Home Page - under "Quick Tour", click Kefalonian Traditions, then the desired Tradition.

Please note:   Although much is on the world news about the strikes and riots in Greece, these happenings occur only in the very center of Athens and Thessaloniki.  We have had no strikes, riots or happenings in Kefalonia.  Kefalonia is a very serene, beautiful island and one should not hesitate to visit. 


 The Purpose of Kefalonian Roots

The general purpose of Kefalonian Roots is to acquaint the descendents of Kefalonians with resources and information useful for researching their family history.

The specific purpose of the site is to make information and genealogical documents available to all descendents of Kefalonians, especially those who cannot visit the island and remain for the extended period of time required for researching, obtaining documents, and locating their ancestral village.

To meet this purpose, Kefalonian Roots provides the following services:  a Personal Research Assistant on the island; a medium for communication among users researching a specific surname; useful resource information; and historical, cultural and religious information concerning Kefalonia.

It is hoped that family researchers will use this site to its full potential by adding information about their immigrant ancestors; surnamesfamily tree; and by placing topics of interest on the bulletin board.

It is believed that through the use of this site, descendents of Kefalonians will learn more about their ancestors and family history; and will develop a warm respect for their ancestors’ homeland and way of life.



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April  30 

Jacob  ~  ΙΑΚΩΒΟΣ

May  1

Ieremias  ~  ΙΕΡΕΜΙΑΣ



May  2

No names celebrated

May  3

Timothy  ~  ΤΙΜΟΘΕΟΣ

May  4

Pelagia  ~  ΠΕΛΑΓΙΑ

May  5 

Peace  ~  ΕΙΡΙΝΗ   

May  6, 7, 8

No names celebrated

May  9

ChristopherIsaias  ~  ΧΡΙΣΤΟΦΟΡΟΣΙΣΑΪΑΣ

May  10

Simon  ~  ΣΙΜΩΝ

May  11, 12

No names celebrated

May 13

Glikeria,  Sergios  ~  ΓΛΥΚΕΡΙΑ,  ΣΕΡΓΙΟΣ

May 14

Isidoros,  Isidora  ~  ΙΣΙΔΩΡΟΣ,  ΙΣΙΔΩΡΑ

May  15, 16

No names celebrated

May  17

Andronikos, Androniki, June  ~  ΑΝΔΡΟΝΙΚΟΣ,  ΑΝΔΡΟΝΙΚΗ, ΙΟΥΝΙΑ

May  18

Julia, Jules  ~  ΙΟΥΛΙΑ, ΙΟΥΛΙΟΣ

May  19

No names celebrated

May  20

Lydia  ~  ΛΥΔΙΑ

May  21

Eleni, Konstantinos  ~  ΕΛΕΝΗ,  ΚΟΣΤΑΝΤΙΝΟΣ

May  22- 23

No names celebrated

May 24

Ascension Day  ~ ΑΜΑΛΗΨΕΩΣ

May  25, 26, 27, 28

No names celebrated

May 29

Theodosia  ~  ΘΕΟΔΟΣΙΑ

May 30, 31

No names celebrated


Κefalonian Roots  wishes all those celebrating their Name Day,        Hronia Polla!

 ~ Χρόνια Πολλά!  ~  Many Happy Returns of the Day!      See  Name Days   



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